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About registration,Diet Plans, signup and consultations:

  • Which program is best for me?

     That depends upon your current body situation. Details are mentioned alongside every program so chose according to your own choice and affordability. Re-signup option is always available after your ongoing program is completed. Help can be provided about this. Drop an email at tskdiet@gmail.com for decision making

  • How do I get registered/ how can I signup?

     Please click on the “signup” button for your desired program. Pay the charges via. Bank deposit, online banking, online WU services, and local community of Pakistan can use Jazzcash and Easypaisa too.

  • What happens after registration is completed?

     First thing! Don’t panic after making payment. We only reply in our working hours that rae 11 am- 7 pm. You’ll get a confirmation message within 24 hours. After that your appointment will be generated. Nutritionist Tehreem Khan will personally get in touch with you via WhatsApp to ask you questions as a startup. This contains all the information that is necessary to generate a customized diet plan. No other tests / reports are necessary; however, you are free to share the reports you already have.

  • Consultation will be taken on call or messages?

     All consultations, except 6 months and 1 year program, are taken through “getting to know you” messages. In which every little detail is personally asked by Tehreem Khan. Although you can book an on call consultation separately with every program or any time you want.

  • Is there any discounts?

     I don’t offer any discounts.

  • Can I pay in installments because I’m a student?

     You can make payment in 2 installments. Note that your waiting period starts after you’ve paid the full charges.

  • Can I extend/shift my ongoing program into any other program?

     You can re-subscribe again after completing your ongoing program. Shifting or extending the period is not offered.

  • How do they look? What we have to eat?

     Diet plans are made according to your own food choices, food availabilities and preferences, whether you like to have desi foods or western style or a mixture of both. Each person has different taste in foods, follows a different eating pattern, have a different working schedule so diet plans are customized according to all these factors. My main focus is to educate my clients about what foods are best for them and how much portions are required for them so that they can improve their health status.

  • How much can I lose/gain in a month?

     Progress on weight scale highly varies person to person. A fat person loses weight more rapidly than a leaner person duet to more body fat percentage and body surface area. When you do efforts in order to achieve a specific goal, sometimes results are not measureable in terms of weight scale but you’ll definitely notice a positive change in yourself within a week or two. You’ll start feeling active, more ambitious and more energetic, your body will feel light and shrunken within first 2 weeks of your program. What I track is your efforts, results just follow.

  • I work in shifts, I live in hostel, I have job, I travel a lot.. How can I manage my diet?

     Diet plans are tailor made according to your current routine and schedule. You’ll be trained how you can manage your meals in those specific circumstances.

  • How your program is different from other nutritionists?

     First! There’s no hard and fast rule of “On dieting” and “Off dieting”. I help my clients evolve a healthy lifestyle by dietary modifications and interventions. I rather focus on making lifestyle modifications rather to put them on a specific “diet” which they’ll follow for a month or two and then they forget about it. Always focus on a long-term dietary habit development which can be helpful for rest of your lifestyle. I try to overcome the fear of my clients towards some specific foods as I always say “build a healthy relationship with every food”.

  • Will I have to follow any specific exercise/workout routine?

     Yes. Exercise suggestions and plans are given according to the body needs if required.