How It Works

We Offer healthier lifestyle.

How It Works

1.All programs are customized according to client’s physical conditions, body needs, food availabilities and preferences. You have to choose from following programs

2.Programs are categorized as T-Plans and Basic Plans.

            -T-Plans: Head Nutritionist Tehreem Khan personally deal in these plans.

            -Basic Plans: Team TSK Diet, either Ms. Abida Farooq or Nida Aslam will deal with basic plan clients.

3. After taking your whole history (via questionnaire on WhatsApp) your coach will design your initial plan and start your counseling for how you can manage your meals by eating everything, how to watch and control the portion size, track your own eating habits, point out the flaws and telling a best possible way of how you can manage the flaws, exercise suggestions, sleep cycle improvement and daily activity etc.

            -Plans will be changed every 2-3 weeks after evaluating the progress.

             -Monday-Sunday recipes are provided to the clients to enjoy all the foods.

            -WhatsApp support is provided and clients are encouraged to ask questions and get in touch even on daily basis except weekends.

            -No on call appointments included. (book separately from CONSULT)

4.Note: Weight loss/gain varies person to person. A fat person loses more weight as compared to leaner body person due to larger surface area of its body and more water weight. There are certain underlying medical conditions also which may cause hurdle in the process. So, weight loss/gain progress can be assessed during first 15 days of your counseling program.


- Select program of your own choice. (Re-subscription is always available, and also you can change a program after your ongoing program ends)

- Pay the fees by signing up at your chosen program

- Send a photograph/screenshot of invoice/payment receipt at official number

- Wait for correspondent to get back to you for confirmation of your registration. (We only respond to messages in working hours so you have to wait if you paid the charges in non working hours)

- Each Program has a waiting period of upto 10 days. You have to wait for some days until your turn comes. We must be having some early registered people to attend. (Chronic illness and severe medical cases are covered on first priority like heart attack or failure).

- You’ll be asked few questions on Whatsapp by your nutritionist to take your history and then your session will start after a day when you’re provided with a plan.

- No on call appointments are taken without booking consultation.


- Initial diet plan to assess your body, eating habits and how your body responds to dietary interventions.

- Change of plan after 15-21 days to boost your progress.

- No change in diet plan is made after the plan is completed and provided to you.

- Whatsapp support is provided in working hours.

- Weekly reports/follow-ups to your nutritionist are your responsibility. You won’t be reminded to do so.


Terms and Conditions 

1. Your subscription begins from the “session starts date” provided to you with 1st plan by me. Any delay in starting will be on you because you have been already given the time of 2-3 days to be prepared.

2. Program is based on months (number of days in months) and not based on number of plans. Don’t get confused and make a fuss.

3. You cannot leave your ongoing program in between the duration otherwise your selected program will expire right on its time.

4. These programs does not include on call appointments, if you want so, book separately from the website. Look for “Consult” on website.

5. Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Don’t request for these two conditions.

6. You have to update us must about your weekly progress and you can talk to the nutritionist even on daily basis without any hesitation.

7. TSK Diet Pvt. Ltd. holds the rights to change the rules and program charges and description anytime without a prior notice.

8. The client is solely responsible if he/she does not follow their coach’s instructions and does not reach his/her goal.

9. Know that results vary person to person depending upon unique physiology, mind set and beliefs, environment and surroundings, exercise/physical activity and genetics. You’ll stay calm and know that anything amongst these is a road blocker in the journey.